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Master Dy was officially created on May 19, 2019, amid a radical change in her life. Dy MooB the creator of this project felt the need to continue with the music but in a different way. Her body was possessed by unknown dark forces and it became clear what should be done: send a message to the entire planet in the form of music, nothing better than the kingdom of metal for that.How would a singer who lived then in anonymity get people's attention to start sending these messages? Using a theme, Dy MooB chose by affinity the "Ghost" that had a friendly and easily accepted proposal, recreated the Pope's character in a female version, the dear "Madre Emerittus Zero" and started interacting with the public to create affinity with the chosen children.The following month after its creation, Dy MooB started composing the band's first album, entitled ‘Unknown Sound’ and recruiting members, who as she says, are not rockstars, but are true constellations:
Draco, Perseus, Hydra and Vella are the first to shine on this incredible journey of Master Dy.Don't get carried away just by the cute appearance of this infernal band. Its mysterious members carry turbulent hearts, full of dark desires for revenge, and want to give you the best you deserve from them. It's up to you to decide what your destiny is.In 2020 other constellations came together in this galaxy of Metal, Cethus and Cepheus went on guitars and Aquilla on keyboards to give more strength in this journey.Dy MooB, with her hyperactive mind, created most of the band's lyric compositions and some instrumental arrangements, but as no one does something of such great significance alone, she gave the opportunity for artists, composers and partners to help in this endeavor, so we are following this resourcefulness from a hellish band but full of love in the form of bloody hearts to give even the most delicious part of your life: Your death!


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18 FEB Metal com Batata                                                          20:00

               Local: YOUTUBE


12 MAR Motim Underground                                                     20:00

               Local: YOUTUBE

20 MAR Caio Indica Woman                                                        21:00

               Local: YOUTUBE


14 APR DyMM Safe Metal Concert                                                 23:00

               Local: YOUTUBE

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Label: DyMM P&M


Pre-production: Flávio Kebras - DyMM P&M


Post- production: HNM studio

+351 920 198 788


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