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Born in Portugal, the power metal band Master Dy was created by Dy Moob in May 2019. The band that works with a strong theatrical component but with the depth of history rooted in the creator addresses a light mix between satanism and BDSM in a comical way with heavy riffs but a sweet female voice.

The band has caused controversy wherever it goes, both because of the theme addressed and the history of the vocalist who gave up on a suicide at the moment she had the idea for the band, a Brazilian immigrant alone in Portugal began a true saga to find the first members who fit perfectly into the project, until completing the current line-up of 7 high caliber musicians from three different countries.

Master Dy was initially inspired by Ghost, mainly because the vocalist already dreamed of doing something similar even before Ghost appeared in the media. In addition, inspiration came from another theatrical band called Powerwolf, and the iconic Alice Cooper, and with the arrival of new members was also added the influences of Arch Enemy and Dimmu Borgir.

The band released their first album "Unknown Sound" which was incredibly well accepted by new fans in February 2021, followed by a single that is also raising the band's name "You are Not Alone" released in September of the same year, and the next month an acoustic Ep called Halloween Mas. Now the band is already in the studio finishing the next album "Legacy of Satan" which should be released in October 2022 leaving in the previous months some singles for fans to have a taste of the new work.

What message will Dy Moob and her infernal horde bring us this time?


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18 FEB Metal com Batata                                                          20:00

               Local: YOUTUBE


12 MAR Motim Underground                                                     20:00

               Local: YOUTUBE

20 MAR Caio Indica Woman                                                        21:00

               Local: YOUTUBE


14 APR DyMM Safe Metal Concert                                                 23:00

               Local: YOUTUBE

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Label: DyMM P&M


Pre-production: Flávio Kebras - DyMM P&M


Post- production: HNM studio

+351 920 198 788


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